1280px-Cathode ray tube amusement device - schematic
The Cathode ray tube amusement device was a device made in 1947 to simulate piloting


Common UsageEdit

The Cathode ray tube amusement device was commonly used in World War II for target practice for troops but surprisingly It never was shown to the public even after the War but it was patented in 1948

Game PlayEdit

The player/user turns a control knob to position the CRT beam on the screen the beam appears as a dot, which represents a reticle or scope. The player has a certain amount of time in which to maneuver the dot so that it overlaps an airplane, and then to fire at the airplane by pressing a button. If the beam's gun falls within the predefined mechanical coordinates of a target when the user presses the button, then the CRT beam defocuses, simulating a explosion

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